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Křemencova 7, Prague 1


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Střecha (The Roof) is a vegan restaurant & café and a social enterprise. We offer decent employement to people without home and/or after serving the sentence.

We serve a variety of mostly Czech and Eastern European traditional meals and lunch menu from MON to FRI. We offer a wide range of soft drinks, alcohol from Czech beer to Cuban rum & fair-trade coffee.

Social Cooperative Střecha (The Roof) was founded in 2017 with a vision of running a social vegan enterprise, where we could offer decent employment and wages to people without a home or after serving a sentence, while being run as a workers co-op, where every employee has a say in the descision making process and every member shares company's profit.

Bistro Střecha


Restaurant Střecha
Křemencova 7
Prague 1

MON - SAT 11 - 24

+420 737 048 487
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2001316751 / 2010 Fio banka, a.s.
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